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Four Reasons Why You Need Your Own Domain When Using an Online Website Builder

One of the main drawbacks of free website builders is that they leave you essentially stuck with an ugly sub-domain such as for your website’s URL. Whilst this may be all well and good if your new site is only for a hobby or personal use, if you;re planning to use it to promote a business, attract potential customers or even simply establish a name for yourself in your industry, the bad news is that said ugly sub-domain simply won’t cut it. Thankfully, there Read more [...]

Tech That Can Help Business-Customer Relations

If your business is still not taking the importance seriously, you should think about the effect it can have on the way you maintain relationships with your customers. Social Media Social media is useful to businesses and the way in which they communicate with customers in so many different ways. For a start, it allows them to interact with customers on a one on one basis, and that’s something that businesses have never really been able to do before. This means that the business-customer relationship Read more [...]

Have The Coolest Looking MacBook Pro Retina Around With Great Vinyl Skins

Anyone who’s ever invested in Apple products knows that they’re just that: an investment. Keeping your Mac electronics in top shape is a must when you rely on them for work and business, art and leisure, and they cost so much. But not only will protection your gadgets make them last longer, but they will also increase their resell value should you decide to put them back on the market in the future. MacBook Pro Retinas (12, 13, and 15”) are some of the most sought-after computers on the market, Read more [...]

Secure Data Destruction – Important for Businesses

How we wish that our data is safe and secure all the time right? But you never know when a disaster would strike and immediately you lose all of your precious data. And if that were to happen, you better wish that you have a reliable data recovery software so you can perform a hard drive recovery, and get everything back. With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, you can do all of that and lots more. Plus you do it with style. In fact, all of this can be done for free. How good is that? Use this data Read more [...]
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Taking Your Business Online For Success

The Internet and modern-day technology have fundamentally changed the way that consumers shop. This is a good thing for small business owners; it levels the playing field, and it gives small businesses the opportunity to compete with large corporations. When you use the Internet to increase your business visibility and revenue, you take advantage of technology to reach a large potential audience, and this gives you an opportunity that small business owners never had in the past. What are the benefits Read more [...]

How Safe Is Contactless Payment

Most financial institutions such as Heritage Bank are now on board with contactless payment systems like payWave© and PayPass©. One topic around contactless payments is the issue of safety - what happens if the card gets stolen? Will someone be able to clean out your bank account in one swipe? Will you be accidently charged for items if the card is unintentionally too close to the machine? To put your mind at ease, the below points offer some insight into how safe contactless payments can be. It Read more [...]

Cyberbullying: Your Teen May be the Next Victim

Controlling children nowadays is near impossible and it is largely due to the fact that they spend most of their time on their digital devices. They are reluctant to talk to their parents face to face. Instead, they like to spend their time on different social networking sites that have taken hold of the new generation. With children spending most of their time on the internet, there’s an increased possibility of them encountering cyberbullying. Lack of Communication between Parents & Child The Read more [...]

Top Tips for Engaging Your Consumers

Consumers are tired of big business pushing their sales agenda. In a field of sales campaigns, it can be difficult to make your brand stand out. You need to engage with your consumers, rather than simply talking at them. This is the best way to get them to put their trust in you. If your marketing messages are falling short, don’t despair. Here are some helpful tips to get you engaging with your consumers and building relationships. Communicate Where They Are Going to See It The best way to communicate Read more [...]

How to Launch Your Own Online E-Commerce Website

So, you’ve decided to launch an e-commerce website for your business. You have your product range chosen, suppliers lined up and you are excited about having made a savvy and cost-effective choice to—like hundreds of thousands of other businesses—offer online shopping. E-commerce isn’t about getting rich quick overnight: it’s about slowly growing and maintaining a customer base. So if you’re after some advice to help you launch your e-commerce website to attract and grow sales, read the Read more [...]

Software Safety and Security: How Torrenting Files Can Keep Your Computer Healthy

One of the worst things that can happen to your computer is an infection. Downloading strange files from who knows where is one way to guarantee that that eventually happens. That’s why torrenting scares a lot of people. You’re directly connecting to other peers and downloading a file from someone you don’t really know. But, believe it or not, you’re probably safer doing this than downloading a file from a central server. Here’s why.   The Client Matters   In the world of Read more [...]