14 Android Apps To Enhance Your Music Experience

There are several apps that can greatly enhance your appreciation of music on an android phone. Apps that can stream music a million ways, apps that offer personalized radio experiences, apps that allow you to store music in cloud storage and so on. Here are 12 top apps for the music lover in you.


You can select any track you want, and create your own personalized radio station to play similar tracks. In that way, you can create a number of radio stations, and enjoy different music genres. Pandora’s excellent song algorithm matches songs to your selected track perfectly.

Tune-In Radio

This app gives you free access to over 70,000 live radio stations. That means access to unlimited concerts, shows and more than 2 million podcasts. You can easily add your favorite stations to the app. If you’re a user of Tunein.com, you can access your favorites from that app as well through Tune-In Radio.


You can stream music from Spotify’s huge online library and customize stations to play tracks similar to selected ones. In this, Spotify is similar to Pandora. Also, you can let your Facebook pals know what you’re listening to as well, and know what they’re listening to.


Hold your android phone to the music you want to find and Shazam will even find the lyrics for you. You can also share your music tags with pals on Facebook and Twitter. Via Shazam, you can look up your songs on YouTube, and also download tracks from the Amazon MP3 store.

Digitally Imported Radio

This app offers 37 different radio channels, with each channel playing the latest music from every imaginable genre. Get yourself this app and stop shuffling for music on your phone. Digitally Imported Radio is the way to enjoy unlimited music tracks from multiple genres.


Input any tune or song snippet into this app, and SoundHound will identify the song for you. You can even hum a few bars, if that’s all you can do. SoundHound will still find the song for you. Once you’ve identified the song, you can easily share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter as well.

doubleTwist Player

doubleTwist Player automatically organizes your entire music library based on the criteria you set. You can specify that your songs be organized based on title, or artist or genre; this app will take care of it. doubleTwist Player also ranks songs, looks up cover art online and makes your live easy.


Create beautiful music with xPiano’s offering of ten different virtual instruments. Whether you’re a fan of the guitar, piano, accordion or others, you can have your pick of musical instruments. You can play with 4 different octaves while recording your music. This app integrates multitouch controls for ease of use, so that you can record and play your compositions with ease. Bring out the composer in you.

Mixzing Media Player

This app can find cover art online, identify song lyrics for a chosen track, arrange your tracks, and even automatically shut your player off to save battery. This app even has a ‘music lock’ that keeps you from shutting off the app accidentally while it’s playing.

Ringtone Maker

You can create ringtones from scratch and customize existing ones as well. You can control everything – length of ringtone, sound format, volume equalizer, bass and voice alterations and so on. This app really allows you to create masterpiece ringtones of your own.


You can synch the music on your android phone to your computer and play with multiple song arrangement options. Even when your phone is locked, you will still be able to shuffle, select and replay songs on this app. Being able to use the same app on your computer opens up several options, including the luxury of a large songs library.


If you’ve always wanted to be a DJ, then Equalizer is for you. Tweak your tracks as you like them – play with the bass, volume, highs and lows, track acceleration and de-acceleration to your heart’s content. Customize everything you hear and create your own unique tracks. Throw some heart-thumping bassinto a romantic score and have fun! This app provides 11 stock music presets including Rock, Latin, and Jazz and so on.

Google Play Music

Make instant mixes of your favorite music, find your favorite jams, and store your music offline if you like as well, with this app. You can upload up to 20,000 songs to Google’s servers through your computer too, and allow others to access your online music library.

Amazon MP3

With this app, you can purchase music easily from Amazon and access it at any time. You can also store music on Amazon servers, up to 250 songs for free. If you subscribe to Cloud Player Premium, you can upload 250,000 songs to Amazon’s cloud storage.

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