How Safe Is Contactless Payment

Most financial institutions such as Heritage Bank are now on board with contactless payment systems like payWave© and PayPass©. One topic around contactless payments is the issue of safety - what happens if the card gets stolen? Will someone be able to clean out your bank account in one swipe? Will you be accidently charged for items if the card is unintentionally too close to the machine? To put your mind at ease, the below points offer some insight into how safe contactless payments can be. It Read more [...]

Cyberbullying: Your Teen May be the Next Victim

Controlling children nowadays is near impossible and it is largely due to the fact that they spend most of their time on their digital devices. They are reluctant to talk to their parents face to face. Instead, they like to spend their time on different social networking sites that have taken hold of the new generation. With children spending most of their time on the internet, there’s an increased possibility of them encountering cyberbullying. Lack of Communication between Parents & Child The Read more [...]

Top Tips for Engaging Your Consumers

Consumers are tired of big business pushing their sales agenda. In a field of sales campaigns, it can be difficult to make your brand stand out. You need to engage with your consumers, rather than simply talking at them. This is the best way to get them to put their trust in you. If your marketing messages are falling short, don’t despair. Here are some helpful tips to get you engaging with your consumers and building relationships. Communicate Where They Are Going to See It The best way to communicate Read more [...]

How to Launch Your Own Online E-Commerce Website

So, you’ve decided to launch an e-commerce website for your business. You have your product range chosen, suppliers lined up and you are excited about having made a savvy and cost-effective choice to—like hundreds of thousands of other businesses—offer online shopping. E-commerce isn’t about getting rich quick overnight: it’s about slowly growing and maintaining a customer base. So if you’re after some advice to help you launch your e-commerce website to attract and grow sales, read the Read more [...]