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5 Businesses You Can Start Without Any Experience

Sometimes experience is overrated. There are plenty of entrepreneurs who have created hugely successful empires while admitting they had no experience in their chosen field. Instead, what they lack in experience they make up for in tenacity, commitment, a willingness to learn, and a passion for doing business. If you’re lacking credentials but are keen for success, here are five businesses you can start without experience.

1. Franchises

Franchises – whether food, maintenance or service based – are designed for people who are keen to do business but lack trade experience.

Business models that offer franchising take driven individuals and train them using set systems and operational procedures. Key benefits include the big name associated with the franchise and the ongoing support. Their reputation often depends on your success. While you pay to be a part of their brand, the brand recognition means customers already know you, and the support gives you the tools to serve that clientele well.

2. Shop

Without spending a day in the retail sector, anyone can open their own store. It might be purely online or have a real shopfront; either way, the key is products, branding and knowing what people want and need. While you don’t need formal qualifications or experience, it helps to have a customer-oriented ethos and to also study up on your tax obligations, necessary staffing, and general business requirements.

3. Telecommunications

Believe it or not, these days you can even become a telecommunications provider without years spent in the industry. If you boast a little sales ability or are simply good with people, you can use a company such as Telcoinabox to provide complete telecommunications packages to clients through Telstra Wholesale and other leading suppliers.

4. Your Own Product

If you have your own great idea that you believe the public will be champing at the bit to use or buy, then why not invest in yourself? No experience is required to manufacture and market your very own product. Rather, your passion for the project will drive you, and you can learn things along the way.

5. Services

There are a host of services the public needs that require no experience, instead relying on common sense. From setting up your own garden maintenance service, to cleaning, courier work or professional organisers, the public is crying out for people who will get in and commit to doing the job well. The trick to this is building your reputation, and that’s not about experience – that’s about customer service.

While some careers are dependent on experience and lots of it, sometimes doing a job well and achieving success is about more than credentials on paper. It’s about a good idea or product, the belief in it, and the commitment to execute the task well – that’s experience you don’t often find on paper, but it’s the recipe for success.

What businesses do you think could be started without any experience? What have you considered trying out yourself? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below.

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