5 Practical Uses for Two-Way Radios at Work

radio-solutionsThere are several factors that go towards creating a successful business, and one of the most important elements is effective communication. In today’s technological age we have countless ways of keeping in touch, from emails, instant messenger, text messages, mobile phones and more, but what you may be surprised to learn is that two way radios are in fact another great way to keep in touch and keep communication flowing in the workplace.

Warehouse communication

A lot of businesses in today’s busy society will use a warehouse of sorts to store stock and other large or multiple items. Often large spaces with many people working in them at once, it can be hard to keep track of communication from within the warehouse. Telephones and computers will only be in stationary areas, and mobile phones could prove dangerous if a worker is high up on a ladder or driving a forklift. A two way radio is the perfect solution, allowing you to communicate to people in the warehouse at any time.

In the event of power failure

In a power failure situation many businesses will come to a standstill, especially if they rely on the internet such as an ecommerce business. In such a situation the use of two way radios lets everyone know quickly that there is a power failure and how to proceed, saving workers having to find people in the dark and possibly entering dangerous situations.

Communicating over large areas

Working over large areas can be hard for many different reasons, from getting around quickly in a hospital or getting back up from colleagues in a school playground. One way to make life a little easier when working over large areas is to use two way radios to communicate. Particular effective in places such as building sites or large outdoor concerts two way radios mean quick and simple communication with colleagues in different locations around the working area. They are also great to use when driving in a convoy around the same area, as unlike mobile phones two way radios are safe to use whilst driving many vehicles.

Practical alternative to mobile phones

In some work places the use of mobile phones and similar equipment is prohibited because it can affect machinery, this is especially evident in hospitals. Two way radios are the perfect replacement to mobiles, and actually far more efficient. You do not need to wait for someone to pick up the phone or rely on a phone signal to get information across to the intended recipient.

In an emergency

Most of us will have to face an emergency situation in our workplace at some point in our lives. The most important thing with any emergency is establishing a safe environment and getting information communicated as quickly and efficiently as possible. Two way radios are ideal for emergency situations and that is why all of the emergency service, police, fire and ambulance, use them.

In today’s modern workplace, wherever that maybe, 2 way radios are must have essentials that are not only practical and efficient but could prove lifesaving in an emergency. You can find out more about two way radios, such as the Motorola DP3600, ideal for business-critical communications by visiting www.brentwoodradios.co.uk.

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