A Review of Some Cool Computer Screen Protectors

A computer screen protector does exactly that, shield your computer from dirt, stains and damage. There are a lot of them available now, but trying to figure out what to use can be a lot harder if you don’t know a lot about the products. Given this fact it makes sense to read some computer screen protector reviews.

computer screen protector


Created by PPCTechs Brando WorkShop, it comes in two types: the standard and deluxe edition. The protector is very easy to install. All you need to do is align the screen and put it in place. Once the protector is in palace, it does its job of keeping your screen safe, although in some cases the screen will look somewhat cloudy.

But the nice thing about the display is that it doesn’t have any glare at all, something that would be distracting. Even if you use a stylus against the protector it works just fine. Another good thing going for it is durability, as tests show no sign of cracking even after extended use.

Brando WorkShop Screen Protector

The Brando WorkShop Screen Protector is another screen protector that you might want to consider. It is also easy to install. The surface makes it glare free, and it is well designed so it can work regardless of the lighting condition. In terms of feel it is similar to the WriteSHIELD, somewhat papery but the friction is less here. The Brando is an adhesive so it feels like it is actually part of your monitor. Screen sensitivity will not be lost here, and writing will not be affected either. Another strong selling point is that it can withstand regular every day use.

G2 Screen Protector

Unlike other protectors, the G2 won’t stick but actually go under your screen. This is something a lot of users will like as it does away with messy and sticky adhesives. Not only that, but the G2 is very clear. Unlike other protectors that appear cloudy, the G2 is exceptionally clear. It is almost as if there is no protector there at all.

The only drawback here is that fingerprints will leave a few marks, so make sure you clean it often. The G2 also works flawlessly with a stylus. Although it might seem fragile it isn’t and the G2 has proven to be quite durable.


This is a washable protector, something you will rarely see with these contraptions. Installation is a breeze and it is also very durable. However, it does require regular cleanup more so than the other protectors. But that should not be a problem since you ought to clean these protectors anyway.

The NuShield also has a nice feel to it. This is partly due to its design that has it bowing a bit into the screen. This is a great feature as it gets rid of the room between the protector and the screen. That has been a big issue with a lot of users, who hate the tapping effect that a space between the two has.

As the facts above show, reading computer screen protector reviews is important. If you only read what their product descriptions say, each product will appear to be the best ever. But by using reviews it will become easier to learn just what exactly it is capable of.

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