Amazing Ways That You Can Maximise Your Computers Performance

Computers. Can’t live with them, cannot live without them. Whether you are Team Apple or Team Microsoft, you are probably looking at ways that you can preserve the life of your device. Having a slow computer can have something of a detrimental effect on the way that you work. If you use your home computer for both leisure and business, it’s time to consider how you can make your computer work faster and increase its performance.


Clean Up Disk Errors


One of the most important things that you can do is to ensure that you are cleaning up any disk errors that may have occurred. This should be done once per month. If you are a more frequent user, opt for one per week. Check the Check Disk Utility program within your computer. For Mac users, it may be worth installing and downloading a program like Mac Keeper.


Many people ask how much does Mackeeper cost? While there are no definite prices as of yet, there are rumours that this is one of the cheapest cleanup downloads on the market. So, if you want an optimised machine at a snip of the price, Mackeeper may be the solution.


Any clean up operation within a computer or Mac can take a couple of hours. It may be advisable to perform this kind of task when you go to bed.


Your computer will be running a lot more quickly next time you load it up for a reboot.


Temporary Files, Be Gone!


Let’s face it; many of us have a heap of temporary files within our computers. They are temporary for a reason. If you don’t use them, get rid of them. Make a permanent delete action and remember to empty your recycle bin. By doing this, you can increase the space on your computer. With more space, comes a greater speed. This is a less problematic process and can be done manually. So, don’t invest in software to do this for you.


The Big Defrag Dilemma


Many people are aware of the importance of defragging their computer, but many forget to do it. Hand’s up if you haven’t defragged your computer? Well, you’re not alone. If you are keen to maximise your computers overall performance and turn into a slick mean machine, you need to defrag regularly. This is vital for every computer user. What’s more, it’s easy to do.


Web History: Delete


Your web history is your business, but it’s always wise to delete the duration of the history for web pages. This means that you need to remove history on a weekly basis to ensure that your computer is performing to top speeds. You can do this via Google Chrome and follow the internet history options and settings. This means that you have to get rid of any encrypted pages that you have stored. This means that your computer will run faster for the long term.


Having a smart approach to your computer problems is important. After all, you don’t want to waste cash on a machine that isn’t needed. Take some manual steps and get the right software. Your computer will be as good as new.



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