Creating Fantastic Flipbooks

Flipbooks have been used for many years to create animation by flipping through a series of images. This is in fact one of the earlier forms of animation as we know it today, where advances in technology have meant we can create computerized animations for an impressive life like effect. Nevertheless flipbooks can still be used creatively to display a certain scene or tell a story, where either hand written images can be used for that authentic feel, or in more recent times using video software. Here you can record videos of various scenarios, before then taking snapshots of the video to create a number of still images. Piecing these images together allows you to create a flipbook. In order to use this technique effectively, it is important to video scenarios which have real intention for entertainment purposes, whether to make someone laugh or tell a gripping story through this thrilling technique. This article will describe situations you can record in order to create your own flipbook, bearing in mind a level or originality and creativity. It will then move towards telling you about printing these photos out for your own amazing flipbook, an example of which can be viewed at you-tube.
If you’re a great story teller and want a way of putting your message across to the masses, then it is possible to recreate scenarios you’ve thought of in front of the camera, so long as you have the right people. With the right cast, you can convert your ideas of a particular story or screenplay you have envisioned into a flipbook, through recording scenes appropriate to your story. Once you have the footage necessary to create your video, various images can be created for the scene you have recorded. The screenplay could be anything from a thriller which involves telling a story through hand gestures and weapons, which has great potential to leave the viewer in suspense, or even some form of superhero tale which actually works well in this format. Once you have your various images of the video, you can create your flipbook by printing out the images to create your own authentic version. By printing the images they can be assembled to create your very own story, giving you a fantastic compilation of the images you’ve created.

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