Easy Steps to Install a New Circuit Breaker

When there is a voltage spike in your household, which can potentially damage your appliances and start a fire, a circuit breaker is there to save the day. It is very rare to find households today without a circuit breaker. In addition to being part of building codes in many areas, a circuit breaker is vital in controlling the electric current within a building.

Though a circuit breaker is highly durable, it is not meant to last for a very long time. There are different situations that call for a circuit breaker replacement. When this happens, it would be very helpful to know how to install a new circuit breaker.

Safety First

Your first priority is safety. Electricity can be very beneficial, but it can be deadly when handled improperly. You need to wear a pair of rubberized gloves and shoes. If there are no rubber shoes available, you can place a rubber mat under your foot instead. Make sure that there is no water source near you. Obviously, you need to turn off the main power switch before installing the new circuit breaker. Remove jewelry when working with electricity.


Preparation Phase

Before even starting to install the circuit breaker, you need to prepare the materials first. There are different models of circuit breakers, and you will know what model you are going to look for. In many cases you can read the model type engraved on the breaker itself. But if you cannot figure it out, then you can bring the breaker to an electrical store and ask the salesman if they have the same model. In addition to this, you will need the tools and equipment that are needed to dismantle and install the circuit breaker.

Execution Phase

Use a screwdriver to remove the metal panel of the circuit breaker. Use a tester to see if the circuit breaker can still be repaired. If not, then you need a new set.

Remove the screws that hold the circuit breaker and remove the wires attached to the circuit breaker. It is vitally important that you remember where the wires are connected. At this point, you can now carefully remove the circuit breaker.

The next step is to connect the new circuit breaker. You should make sure that the switch of the new breaker is in the off position. Attach the wires correctly to the new circuit breaker. Use the voltmeter to determine if it is within the right voltage. Finally, you should turn on the circuit breaker and open some of your appliances. See if it works accordingly.

This is just a simple guide on how to install a new circuit breaker. If you are in doubt of your ability, do not act foolishly. It never hurts to ask an expert when it comes to ensuring your safety. Remember to observe safety precautions and other reminders. It would be useless to have your circuit breaker working again if you are badly injured in the process.

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