Fixing Mobile Signal In Your Own Home


Poor phone signal can be a complete nightmare; either you’re unable to make a call, or you get cut off half-way through. But what’s even worse it when this phenomenon occurs in your own home. There’s nothing worse than missing an all-important call whilst sat on your own sofa just because you live in a “black spot”, and it’s just as annoying trying to stretch up to your bedroom window just to send a text message or watch a video. Never fear, however, as luckily there are some tips and gadgets that you can use to fix your problems.




1.  Homemade Antenna

Your first option is to try and make a DIY phone antenna, this may sound daunting but it’s actually very simple and you can do it by using pretty day-to-day items and materials. Essentially you need to find your antenna slot (usually behind the battery panel), then measure out about 6 inches of copper wire sand off the enamel coating, insert the wire in and fix with tape. Then replace your battery cover and feed the wire through an appropriate gap so that you can close it, you should notice an immediate improvement. When I tried this last year I got up to three times the signal! Check out this DIY video to help you from Makify.





2. Replace Your Battery

It may sound silly but mobile connectivity is directly affected by power and sometimes with older phones your battery may not retain full power even after hours of charging (the battery indicator can also misrepresent the true level of charge). If your phone doesn’t receive sufficient power from the battery then it can put out less than 9/10ths of it normal transmission strength which will affect the clarity and sometimes connectivity of your signal.

With older phones buying a replacement battery is pretty straight forward and they can be found in many high-street outlets. However with newer phones and smartphones the issue is not so easy and it often means sending your phone away to the manufacturers, despite the frustration that this causes it could possibly be the help you need to get better reception in your home.




3.  Mobile Phone Booster

However, even if you get as much improvement in signal as I did outside my house, it still may not be enough to help whilst your at home, that’s when phone boosters come in to play. Mobile phone boosters are also called “repeaters” because they repeat or amplify the signal from the nearest broadcasting pylon. They usually involve fixing a dish or antenna on the outside of the building with a cable running into the house and an internal transceiver to send/receive calls from your mobile to the pylon.

This should not only improve your audio calls and text messages signal, but also increase the speed of mobile internet and picture messaging, which can be a great relief when those features haven’t been available for so long in your own home. For more help on finding and using boosters, check out Mobile Signal.



So whichever gadget or tip you go for, hopefully with at least one of these solutions you can fix your signal issues and soon enough you’ll have more mobile signal at home than you know what to do with!


Images courtesy of Budget Batteries, Makify, and Mobile Signal


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