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Four Innovative Products to Enhance Your Driving Experience

The digital revolution has brought about a number of new and innovative technologies that can enhance the way we drive. Gadgets and tech that are either built in or able to be added to vehicles are increasingly bridging the gap between the home, office and car. The latest innovations in technology can be used to make driving safer, more pleasurable and comfortable, and even help car owners to get the best possible use from their vehicle. You might think that you need to buy the latest car in order to take advantage of many new innovations, but thankfully you can buy many gadgets that can help improve even the oldest of cars.


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Mobile Phone Holder

If you don’t already have a mobile phone holder for your car, it’s about time that you got one. This basic piece of kit may be unable to do much, but holding a mobile phone so that you can safely see and even touch the screen whilst driving can make it possible to make and answer calls safely on the road. Presuming that you have a smartphone that’s got Google Maps or Apple Maps installed on it, you can also use the mobile phone holder when taking sat nav directions so that you can safely see the instructions on the screen.


Today, the majority of new-model cars come with built in Bluetooth support. This allows you to make or receive calls and play music from your phone along with many other functions, all hands-free. However, if you’re trying to update the features of an old car which doesn’t have built in Bluetooth, you may need to get a separate Bluetooth device. Recent in-car Bluetooth devices also come with voice command support, which helps to further enhance your driving experience whilst staying connected.

Dashboard Cameras

Have you ever gotten into an accident that wasn’t your fault, only to discover that it’s extremely hard to prove who’s to blame? Thanks to technological advances, you can now fit a dashboard camera to your car so that you can prove exactly what happened if you’re involved in any road accidents or anybody makes a claim against you. Dash cams can be bought with built-in GPS that has real-time tracking of speed – a great feature to have if you’re ever wrongly accused of speeding! Many drivers, especially those who drive for work, use dash cams as a means of protecting themselves against any road claims or disputes.

Car Longevity

Thanks to advances in automobile innovation and technology, it’s now possible to make your car last as long as possible whilst still staying in great condition. Gone are the days of a simple good old wash, valet and wax – today, you can buy products that help to shield your car from the elements and retain its good looks for longer than ever before. One such product which you can use is plastic dip, an innovative, rubber-based product that you can apply over the bodywork of your car to protect it. It’s easy to apply and also easy to remove without damaging the paint underneath. Visit

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