Give Your Business A Refresh

They say that change is as good as a holiday. That’s applicable to business too – when companies begin to find themselves in a rut, and when creativity and enthusiasm start to run especially low, it might mean that your business could use a bit of refresh to inject some life back into the proceedings. Here’s a few ways to go about it.

Internal materials

If your employees are finding it hard to get motivated, it might be because the work they have to do is a bit mind-numbing. There’s lots of ways you can bring a bit of character to jobs like these – if your business relies largely on technical manuals or training materials, then a redesign of your documents could be in order. Talk to a specialist company like The Print Group about updating your materials – they’ve got a few great examples on their website if you need ideas.

Your personal brand

Maybe it’s not just your internal materials that need a refresh. Maybe your whole brand could do with a bit of rejuvenation. Adopt social media platforms if you haven’t already. If you have, maybe change the way you’re using them if you aren’t getting the kind of traction you want. Redesign your logo or forge a bold new business partnership that will take the company in startling new directions.

Marketing strategy

Perhaps it’s your marketing strategy that’s aging a bit. There’s so many ways to advertise in the 21st century – you can employ modern methods like AdWords and targeted online advertising, invest in ad time on YouTube or take out ads on high traffic websites. Relying on old media – television advertising, newspapers and the like – just isn’t as effective as it used to be due to the prevalence of devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Update your strategies accordingly.

Website rebuild

If your website still looks like it would be at home on Geocities then it’s time to tear that sucker down and start over. Take on a dedicated web developer to build you a world class, functional, easy-to-use website that will allow your customers to see what you’ve got and what you’re about. If your site is hard to navigate or boring to look at, most people will simply close the tab and move on.

Office equipment

Speaking of updating websites, you’ll need a computer to do that. When was the last time you updated your office workstations? If you can look across the room and see Windows XP running on any of them, then the answer is “too long.” Ensuring your staff are working on the most cost-effective, up-to-date hardware and software sends a clear message that your business is forward thinking and embraces change. It will also help your staff to be much more efficient overall.

These are just a handful of things you can try when refreshing your business. It comes down to always being able to think creatively about your company’s current situation and what you could do to grow it in the right directions. What are some of your favourite ways to refresh your business? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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