Grandpa Is a Foursquare Mayor

Modern technology and senior citizens often don’t mix, as the elderly don’t often understand how to use their smart phones, computers, and tablets. Just trying to learn new things can be hard enough, and keeping the memory of how to make a Skype call, send a Facebook message, or sign into a Twitter account can be a challenge for any senior citizen.

However, the truth is that this cliché may soon be put to rest. While there will always be those that are resistant to the advance of technology, many senior citizens are actually taking advantage of modern technology in many ways. Within a few years, Grandpa may be better at using the internet than you will be!


Online Technology Can Be the Solution for Many Problems

Technology can provide a solution for many of the problems that senior citizens face:

Isolation — Many nursing homes are using wireless internet to connect their residents with other members of the home, but many more senior citizens have turned to sites like Facebook and Twitter to help stay in touch. With many hours and nothing to do, senior citizens that can use social media sites are able to stay connected to family and friends.

Entertainment — Most of the elderly will turn to the TV for their entertainment, as they prefer to watch their programs rather than search the internet for a new source of fun. However, there are many great sites on the internet where people can watch movies, play games, and read, and senior citizens have begun to turn to the internet for their entertainment as well.

Help — Facing simple problems like doing chores, repairing a leak, or filling out complex forms can throw a senior citizen for a loop, and they are unable to deal with these problems when there is no one around to help them. However, with the many how-to guides on the internet, senior citizens are able to turn to the internet to get them through a tough problem. It may not be ideal, but they are able to deal with their own problems thanks to the internet.

Shopping — Getting out of the house can be a challenge for senior citizens, many of whom suffer from disorders, disabilities, or illnesses that make walking and driving difficult or painful. Thanks to the advent of online shopping, the elderly are able to receive help with their shopping needs. Now they don’t need a hospice van to come and pick them up for their weekly shopping trips, but they can just get online and order everything to arrive directly at their front door. Many more websites are providing overnight delivery, and supermarkets and department stores are making it easier for the elderly to get their prescriptions filled and their shopping delivered from the comfort of their own homes.

The truth is that wireless internet makes it possible for senior citizens to have a better quality of life, which is why many people are trying to help their parents and grandparents understand how to use the internet. It takes more time for the elderly to learn to manage the internet tools, but it’s worth investing the time in order to make life easier!

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