How Project Analysis is Important for Android App Development?

android app development

The Android OS has certainly become one of the most dominant and widely-used operating system for mobile devices likes tablets and smart phones today. And developing apps for the Android has become one of the more profitable means for professionals to increase their business revenue. Therefore, it’s very important that one must carefully consider the several factors that will come up when you want an Android app built. These are…

  •   Aim of the Project


  •   Tools Used


  •   Cost & Revenue


Aim of the Project

What is the purpose of building your app? Will it be an extension of your business? If the app you’re developing is a game, does it have a storyline? Or will it just for pure recreation? Always take note of the goals that you have in mind for the app, and never stray from it. That’s why never start an app project without first building a workflow, so that you, or the other Android app developers, will be properly guided on the expectations that you have in mind for the app.

Tools Used

 Apps made for the Android OS are written in a customized version of the Java programming language, which is provided by the official Android Software Development Kit (SDK), though there are other third-party SDKs that the developer can use in building their apps. Whatever tolls that the developer will use, you should be wary of the latest updates, features, and fixes of the SDK that you use, as well as the Android OS itself, and adjust accordingly to ensure the reliability of the application.

Cost & Revenue

If you made a workflow for your project, and you stuck with it, this will ensure you that your budget does not go overboard when developing your app. Furthermore, developing the app yourself could save you some more money, but hiring a professional Android app developer ensures the quality expectations that you need to meet when designing your app.

If you want to market your app for free, you might also want to explore some other models of revenue, such as ads, “freemium” models, etc. This is just to ensure that you can at least gain the costs that you spent in developing your Android app.


Developing an Android application requires careful project analysis of all the factors stated above, as neglecting it will severely disrupt the app’s creation, and may even results in increased expenses in developing the app. Careful planning on the design process ensures that you will meet the goals and expectations that you set in designing your future Android app.</>

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