How to Launch Your Own Online E-Commerce Website

So, you’ve decided to launch an e-commerce website for your business. You have your product range chosen, suppliers lined up and you are excited about having made a savvy and cost-effective choice to—like hundreds of thousands of other businesses—offer online shopping. E-commerce isn’t about getting rich quick overnight: it’s about slowly growing and maintaining a customer base. So if you’re after some advice to help you launch your e-commerce website to attract and grow sales, read the following five tips.

1. Claim your domain name

Your first step is a simple one: claim a domain name for your site. Your domain name should be short and memorable, instantly telling your customers what you are selling.

2. Work out your logo and strapline

There is nothing more off-putting than an ugly, sloppy logo. Even before you design your website, your company needs a good, clear, stylish logo and strapline. That way, once a customer finds your site, they’ll know what you’re selling and will have confidence in your quality and professionalism. Your logo and branding should instantly tell your customers what you’re selling.

3. Design your website

Have you ever visited a website where all the products are just listed one below the other on a single page, and you can’t find what you’re looking for? Those sites are frustrating, and it doesn’t take long for customers to leave them in search of more user-friendly sites. Selling your products isn’t as simple as just putting up photos of products and prices: to make sales and retain customers, your website needs to be attractive, searchable and logical. This is why you need to call in the experts. Website designers like 4040 Creative have years of industry experience and know how to build the perfect site for your business: one that is stylish and easy for your customers to navigate.

4. Don’t forget shopping carts and shipping

A good web designer will ensure it’s easy for your customers to check out their purchases. The most popular payment methods are typically payment in advance with a credit card or PayPal. Make sure you give your customers a few payment options so they can choose what suits them best. Adding a shipping calculator early in the checkout process means that your customers won’t be surprised by shipping costs when they receive their final purchase cost.

5. Attract your customers

Believe it or not, customers do not just show up at your website the second it launches. If you want to get sales and retain customers, you need the help of design and marketing experts. Everyone who visits your website has either found you through a Google search (which requires work by your designer to create Search Engine Optimised product descriptions), after seeing an advertisement for your website (whether print or digital – again this is thanks to your design and marketing professionals helping drive traffic to your website) or through word of mouth, which results from selling quality products through a user-friendly website.

E-commerce is an affordable and easy way to start a business, but not every business succeeds in the world of online sales. Following these five tips and hiring an expert design and marketing team will help your e-commerce business thrive.

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