How to Market Your Handmade Clothing Brand

If you are someone who has made the jump from being a hobbyist clothing or accessories designer who made things for themselves and friends, to actually selling the things you make as products, you are probably already aware that much of your success will be determined by how well you market your new craft clothing brand.


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In a time where many people actively seek out things that are unique or made by smaller enterprises rather than big businesses, there is a lot of scope for crafters who sell their products either online or at local venues. However, there is also a lot of competition, and so you need to make people aware of your business and bring them to your location, website, or the platform you sell on (if you use something like Etsy), in order to make sales.

Here are some tips:

The Local Market Is Important

If you plan to mostly sell online, you still shouldn’t lose sight of the value of your local market. This is because locally, you will have far less competition than if you are selling nationwide or worldwide, and so you can build up a loyal customer base of people who not only like what you do, but are also keen to buy local. Make your location part of your brand, and also take your products out to sell at local fairs and markets, along with your business cards to give to people who buy so they can find your website easily and remember your name for future purchases!

Consider Getting Your Products Into Other People’s Collections

As well as selling for yourself, it can really pay off to try and network with people who have already started to run successful online clothing stores that fit with your taste. If they like what you have to offer, they may be interested in selling your products in their own store. You can do this with local physical retailers too, getting your products onto their shelves and further spreading your brand name as well as making sales.

Master Online Marketing

If you operate mostly online, then you need to really understand things like social media marketing, search engine optimization, and how to use paid advertising methods like Google AdWords and Facebook ads effectively. This research is something that will pay big dividends for your site, getting you more traffic, and more sales. However, if it is something you simply can’t get your head around, it can also be worth investing in the services of an online marketing agency who can create a strategy and manage it for you.

Marketing your handmade clothing or accessory products is key to getting them noticed and sold, so whether you want to focus on selling them locally face to face, selling them online, or using a channel that goes through other retailers to get them in front of potential customers, ensure you really understand how the style of marketing you have chosen works and are doing it in a cost effective way.

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