Important tips to increase the battery life of iPhone

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best Smartphones in the market today. After all, that is why you bought one, right? It has a superb camera, different useful applications and its interface is so simple and easy to use that even children can use it. But, a few of iPhone users seem to be dissatisfied and unhappy because of the poor battery life of iPhone. You must have tried dimming your screen and turning off Wi-Fi. But still at the end of the day you find yourself with an almost-dead phone.



When iOS 5 was made public, many iPhone 4 and 4S users complaint about real battery issues. Some users said that the iPhone lose approximately 15-20% of its power while on standby while others said that they cannot make it more than five to six hours if their phone is not charged completely.

Given below are few important and useful tips that can help you to increase the battery life of your iPhone

1.Decrease the backlit, turn off Bluetooth and Wi -Fi when not in use

Though it seem but obvious, but you would be amazed to know that how many people ignore these simple battery-saving conventions. There is no need to set your iPhone so bright that it light ups your face in broad daylight, so it is advisable to dim it down to 50% or less. Similarly, when you are not using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, turn those off, too.

2. Always turn off Location Services

Unless and until a photo or game app requires use of location services, never allow the apps to use your iPhone’s GPS. You can manually choose apps which need to use Location Services

3. Turn off ping

The majority of iPhone users said that ping was an important reason for poor battery life. So if you are not using iTunes social networking service, it is suggested to turn it off.

4. Always use Airplane Mode in no-coverage areas: As iPhone always tries to build a connection with the mobile network, so there are chances that it may use more power in no-coverage areas or low coverage areas. Therefore, it is always suggested to use Airplane Mode in these situations to increase the battery life. Though, in this situation you will be unable to receive calls or make any calls.

5. Set Auto-Lock

The more the display of phone is in use, the more battery is consumed. Put off the screen automatically by using the iPhone’s auto lock feature.

6. Turn off sound effects

Sound effects can also consume more battery. So it is always suggested to put off sound effects. It really saves battery of your phone. You can have fun without sound effects also.

Last but not the least, take care of your iPhone battery. Now the questions comes how to do this? Charge it regularly and don’t let your battery to go off completely before you plug it into the charger. Plus always, try not to use power-consuming applications for long period of time. They may be the reason for the battery to overheat.

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