Improving Business Through Latest Digital Advancements

The way business is conducted has changed multiple times over the past half-century. Rapid technological innovations and advancements are responsible for this trend. The communication systems used to transmit messages for business have streamlined. Businesses can now chat directly to their consumers and vice versa. This has created a multitude of ways for companies to improve their business through digital advancements. Keep reading for some examples of this.

1. New Forms of Communication

In the age of the smart phone, new ways of communicating have taken over. Social media has opened the boundaries between businesses and consumers. Smart phones, like the ones stocked by Com2 have a multitude of applications allowing users to do pretty much anything. The days of press meetings and memos to disseminate information are over; now businesses can simply use their smart phone to circulate a message rapidly.

2. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has made the sharing of digital files so much easier. Instead of a central filing room for the office, many companies use cloud technology for their filing and storage needs. This means that anyone can access the data necessary, without even leaving their desk. It also allows multiple participants to work on one project at the same time, increasing productivity.

3. Improved Focus on Analysis

Many businesses have realised that through analysing sales data, they are able to streamline their distribution and marketing, as well as cull unnecessary and unprofitable sectors. This renewed focus on analysis has led to many analysis sites and applications springing up all over the internet. The most prolific is that developed by Google, which allows users to gather data and intelligence on a wide variety of information pertaining to their business activities.

4. A Global Workplace

Skilled workers will not always live in the same city where you are based, but with advancements in technology, now the essential person for your workforce doesn’t need to be flown in at great expense. The advent of webinar technology enables meetings, interviews and general day-to-day duties to be conducted from anywhere in the world, across a variety of platforms.

5. E-Commerce

The development of the Internet has allowed the concepts of buying and selling to develop and change as well. You no longer have to be physically present in a shop to actually purchase from it. E-commerce has enabled stores to have a greater global reach, dramatically increasing the amount of customers that can purchase from it. This has changed the way that businesses sell to customers, streamlining the process, and allowing profits to skyrocket.

Digital advancements in technology have allowed businesses to explore many different ways to improve the way that they do business. What improvements from the above list do you use? Are you a fan of the truly global workplace, or do you prefer using technological advancements on your phone? Is e-commerce a mainstay of your business and do you use analysis to quantify your business moves? Let us know in the comments what your tried and true digital advancements are.

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