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Technology is synonymous with gadgets, since with the help of gadgets, people are able to achieve their technological objectives, or even apply the new technology more efficiently. For every new technology that is rolled out into the market, one of two things always happens; whoever is rolling out the technology will send an upgrade to the users, or they will develop new gadgets to help users to access the technologies.

Some of the gadgets that you should own this year include:

1.     The Alienware M14x laptop

Just like fashion, nothing sticks around for too long without another grabbing the attention of the consumer. The above statement is referring to laptops in general, most people are moving towards less bulky and lighter handheld devices and opting to leave their laptops at home, yet laptops were the talk of the town a few years back.

However, one laptop is a must have, and this is the Alienware M14x. This is a high performance laptop suitable for gamers, because it is highly portable and its performance is unmatched. It has exceptional performance because it comes with a core i5 or core i7 processor, a hard drive of 750GB, a memory of 16GB and has one of the best graphics capabilities in the market.

2.     The HD Media Router 3000

This is a device that most people who depend on Wi-Fi connections to do their work, since the internet is proving to be one of the biggest resource that a business can have, next to clients. Having this device in the office ensures that the wireless connection is optimized, and that users will access the Internet in speeds of up to 900 megabytes per second. This device will ensure that your bandwidth prioritization is optimized, and this will enable you to work better, faster, and more efficiently.

3.     Computer eye gear

It is a reality that almost all offices in the developed and most developing nations have at least one computer. This means that many people sit behind a computer all day, and though this is important, it can pose as a health risk. Using a computer the whole day can have adverse effects on the eyes, and here is where computer eyeglasses come into play. These glasses come in different types and shapes, available to fit the taste of everyone. Wearing these glasses eliminates the headaches and strains that are associated with using the computer for long hours.

4.     The laser keyboard

With the introduction of smartphones, tablet computers and other touch-operated devices, a touch sensitive virtual keyboard that appears on the screen whenever an individual needs to type something replaced the traditional keyboard. Since the size of the traditional keyboard is reasonable to people with large fingers, the laser keyboard is an addition that makes the use of these devices much easier. A cube that has the ability to sync with media devices that are Bluetooth capabilities projects the laser keyboard on any flat surface, and this makes it possible for anyone to use it.


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