Is Social Media Bad for your Phone? [Infographic]

Most of us use social media on our phones these days and it certainly keeps us better connected, in fact the level of social contributions and activity has unsurprisingly increased exponentially since the widespread availability of 3G and 4G mobile internet. Nevertheless, we often ignore the realities of what this continual engagement means to our own health and the long term health of our phones. The phone specialists, LiGo Cordless Phones, have developed an infographic to find out the answer…


Key Facts

  • Social Networking on your phone whilst driving slows your reaction speed by 38% (twice as much as Cannabis and Alcohol)
  • 66% of people have trouble sleeping after using social media on their phones
  • The additional data cost of using social media on your phone can be up to $2,480 per user, per year


Is Social Media Bad for your Phone? - LiGo Cordless Phones

Is Social Media Bad for your Phone? – By the team at liGo

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