Key Questions to Consider before Choosing an Email Software

The newest trend on the Internet these days is email marketing and how businesses can use this to generate leads to their websites. Although bulk emailing is a tiresome process, it is one of the fastest and inexpensive ways of sending emails these days. While some businesses outsource their email marketing campaign, others tend to do it themselves.

If you are wondering where to find the best bulk email sender that will allow you to send your newsletters from your personal computer, here are a few tips to examine before you spend your money unnecessarily on software that is not good.

Here are 10 questions to ask a bulk email software company so that you can maximise the benefits of email marketing.

 1. Will you have to pay subscription costs every month after purchasing the software? Whether you decide to choose paying a monthly or a one-time fee the capabilities and features remain the same, you want to make sure you are receiving the same service no matter how you pay and then decide depending on how often you send emails.

2. Does the software have a limit on the number of email messages you’re able to send? Don’t bother to spend money on a software programme that cannot support a large list. Find out, too, whether your list will be stored in their database or on your own computer. Your list needs to be stored securely, especially if it is stored on their servers.


3. Is there a built-in SMTP server on the software? This is important because if the software does not provide an SMTP setting or any other method of delivery, your email sending will be restricted.

4. Can this software process bounce email messages? If it doesn’t, you’ll have to spend more money for a bounce-processing tool or manually manage this tiresome task because you cannot afford to send messages to email addresses that are not valid.

 5. Will the software allow you to add unsubscribed links? Only reputable companies can provide users with authentic software that is compliant with CAN-SPAM laws, which allow the recipient to use only two clicks of the mouse to unsubscribe. Find out from the company the process involved in unsubscribing.

 6. How easy does the software offer email personalisation?  This is a sensible question because they may tell you that the software can merge and send personal used emails. If they say yes, then find out if you’ll be able to create your own customised fields to import the contact information and then merge those fields into emails.

7. Will you receive delivery reports? The best email software will show you the number of emails that were sent and not delivered, and this can be sent to you through email itself. In this way you are able to get delivery reports and also send the reports to any email address you want to.

Ensure that the software matches your target audience and email targeting tools and that it will reduce costs as you engage in your marketing campaign.

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