Know if your car needs a secondary air injection system

Car owners think that their cars are armed with some mechanisms that do not require any services. However, they get these ideas from the internet and the groups full of easy chair auto-mechanics for circulating the idea. The secondary air injection apparatus, a part of the automobile engine faces the same concern from amateur racers and backyard tuners since they have very little knowledge about its actual function.


Regardless of what automotive marketing experts say to you, power train simply cannot run with a hundred percent efficiency. Therefore, there are always a few portions of hydrocarbons or unburned fuel that do not get altered to drive train power during the combustion process (which occurs in the induction cylinder, which is importantly the ”chief” air injection system, even if nobody calls it that). These unburned fuels are then plainly produced with the remaining exhaust fuels. This happens because of an untidy, indefinite and irregular mixture of unavoidable mechanical deficiency in mass generated engine parts, fluctuations in oil quality, ecological factors, hauling conditions and overall vehicle condition. As hydrocarbons the part of engine oil that produces power and they are the part of the toxin as well assessed to decide emission levels of a car, it is crucial they get burned as much as possible. At the same time, it is important to get the engine oil out of the exhaust system and sieve them loose and put them back again into the engine. If you do not do this, the precious fossil fuel will go wasted. If it is wasted, it will pollute more—which will be a double blow for you. Remember, burned engine oil is less deadly to the environment compared to the unburned engine oil. This fuel will not produce any power when burning.

This is the reason why you need the secondary injection system to tidy up the leftover engine oil. Engine oil needs supercharged air to burn, however since it is being released out of the tailpipe, it gets surrounded by gases. The smog injection valve forces air into the engine right after the engine to help stop and burn up those oxidized liquids. The secondary air injection is important to help vehicles get government emissions standards. Therefore, as per the law, your vehicle needs it.

Now let us find out does your car really need a secondary air injection system to operate?

The answer is no.

If there is no a smog pump in your car, a few matters can occur. If the smog pump was carelessly bypassed, then it can impact the performance of the exhaust system. Whenever there are leakages, loose ends, or any other type of unreasonable flow of air, your car engine tends to waste power. The smog injection introduces air which comes across the exhaust once it is released from the engine. The smog pump impacts the performance of a car, therefore; keeping an appropriate force all the way through the exhaust system is important for smooth running.

If your car does not smog air pump, you need not to worry. You can take your car to the car performance shop to get some modifications done so that your car can get a slight power boost. You can find out several auto repair service providers who offer advanced engine care services. With modifications done to your vehicle, your engine can perform well without the need of a secondary air injection system.

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