Must-have Gadgets and Technology For Your Business

Any proper geek has a long list of gadgets they want for their home. But the technology isn’t only for the home. There are hundreds of cool gadgets and pieces of tech that are sure to enhance the office experience. Businesses should be taking advantage of new technologies as much as individuals are. From huge pieces of tech to little things that make an employee’s working day brighter, there are plenty of ways to use gadgets and technology to improve business. It’s important that your business’s use of technology helps both your company and your employees. Any benefit to your employees is a benefit to your firm. So think about how technology can help you improve your business on smaller and wider levels.


Keep Things Running


Time is money in business, so it can be a disaster if any kind of snag stops your business from running as it should. To make sure everything goes smoothly you can use some great technology. Power outages can stop businesses operating for hours at a time, but you can stop them with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). These clever gadgets will keep your PC or other devices running, even if the power goes out. And some, like the Eaton 3S, will even save you energy by cutting your power when you don’t need it.


High-tech Security Solutions


At a basic but necessary level, new technologies are helping businesses to keep their premises more secure than ever. There may not be anything particularly fun or glamorous about security systems, but they are essential for protecting your business. New advancements in security technology allow for all kinds of ways of ensuring that your offices or other business premises are secure. If you look at brunelsecurity.co.uk, you can see the wide range of solutions that modern security companies offer. You can install systems that you can remotely monitor and CCTV with automatic number plate recognition. You can even have sophisticated perimeter beams to protect entrances and detect intruders.


Business Travel

Many businesses have employees who have to travel for work or often work remotely from home. It’s of benefit to your business that you make sure that they can do their work to the best of their ability while they’re away from the office. One of the major goals of working while traveling is access to the internet. A portable router can make things much easier, allowing you to access public internet connections. Business travelers also need to back up important data quickly and securely. Devices such as the iStorage datAshur Personal allow them to do this easily. Printing on the go is easier too, with mini printers and travel printer servers to help you connect to wireless printers. Many travelers also now travel with only a phone a tablet, so a portable keyboard that connects via Bluetooth is a big plus.


Payment Solutions


If your business sells products direct to customers – perhaps you own a store or market stall – portable payment solutions are a godsend. There are lots of different options available, including PayPal Here, which you can link to your PayPal account. Some portable payment solutions even connect to your iPhone or another smartphone. You can use them to take card payments and even print receipts. Being able to take payments wherever you are is perfect if your business operates in several different locations.


Cut Costs


Saving money is important to any business, so any gadget that can help you cut your business expenses is worth having. Energy bills can be one of the business’s biggest costs but luckily there are gadgets to help you cut them down. Use energy monitors that you can plug into your outlets to see where you can reduce your energy use. For example, the ThinkEco modlet has a USB receiver that you put in your computer to tell you how much energy you’re using. You can also set it on a timer to provide power from your office outlets at certain times of the day. Another way to save energy is by wiring office lights to a timer, to make sure they’re only on when they need to be. Heating is an issue that individuals and businesses struggle with too, so give your radiators a helping hand with a radiator booster. They have small fans to spread the heat from your radiators around the room.


Staying Organized


Keeping your affairs in order is vital when you run a business. Disorganization can lead to mistakes, and mistakes can be costly and could even break the law. One gadget that will keep your paperwork organized is the Neat Scanner. This cool scanner scans all your receipts, business cards, and paperwork. Store all of that digitally instead of throwing it in a jumbled folder – it can all sit safely in a cloud-based storage system. Using the cloud is another great way to stay organized. It makes it easier to organize and share documents, even if you’re only using a free service, such as Google Drive. It also helps to move anything you can from paper to digital forms. Canvas helps you to turn a paper-based form into a mobile app. That will cut down on the cost of paper and make it easier for you to collect data.

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Tablets, Laptops, and Computer Equipment


There are lots of innovative pieces of technology, solving problems you didn’t even know you had. But don’t forget about the importance of technology throughout your office. The iPad is generally regarded to be the best tablet to use, but you might want to try laptop/tablet hybrids too, such as the Lenovo Yoga. When buying laptops think about how well they travel, in terms of weight and size in particular. You should also think about other gadgets that can enhance the performance in your office. Webcams for conference calls and ways to connect Skype to landline phones are great for improving communication, for example.

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