Reasons People are Opting for the Alternative to Fuses

2036The circuit breaker has slowly but steadily replaced fuses in many buildings. Because of the different advantages of circuit breakers over fuses, more engineers will most likely install the former rather than the latter. Just in case you are wondering what the reasons are behind this drastic change, then you should read on. The following are some of the reasons why people use circuit breakers instead of fuses.

Two protective mechanisms

Circuit breakers basically protect your home from the destructive consequences of faulty wiring, sudden electric power surges, and abnormally high electric levels. The destructive consequences may include the overheating of your electronic appliances and a fire outbreak.

The main advantage of circuit breakers is that they also possess fuse feature. The first protective mechanism of the circuit breaker is that it can disrupt the electric flow by automatically “tripping” the switch into open mode. When this mechanism fails, the second protective mechanism will set in. The circuit breaker has the thin metal strip that is also found in a fuse. This metal strip will melt when excessive electric current flows into it.


When a fuse melts, you need to replace it with a new one. This is not the case with Crouse Hinds circuit breakers from Circuitbreakerwarehouse. Once the circuit breaker is tripped, you can easily turn it back to close mode to regain electric flow. Of course, you need to address the problem that caused the circuit breaker to break first before turning it back on.

More effective in fire prevention

Unlike the fuse, circuit breakers will actually cut the power source instead of just disrupting it. Circuit breakers work faster than a fuse since it will take some time before the metal strip of a fuse melts.



Crouse hinds circuit breakers from Circuitbreakerwarehouse are very useful to protect your home or establishment from fire and other hazardous effects of abnormal high electric current.

Image attributed to Wikimedia Commons: Distribution board in Stockholm apartment block

Easier troubleshooting

In most cases, a circuit breaker box will consist of more than one switch. Each switch can be dedicated to one section of an electrical source. For example, a circuit breaker can be the main switch that supplies electricity into your living room or kitchen area. Once the circuit breaker is tripped, you will easily identify what part of your house has the problem. You can easily isolate the problem and therefore eliminate the trial and error process. In addition to this, you can also turn off the electric source of your kitchen area without cutting the power in your whole house.


Though it is true that the initial cost of installing circuit breaker is more expensive than just buying a primitive fuse, the long-term positive effect of circuit breakers will surely outweigh the cost. You can think of this as an investment. Once you buy a circuit breaker, you do not have to buy a new one every time it is tripped, unlike fuses that will prompt you to replace the fuse every time it melts.

These are just some of the reasons people are switching to circuit breakers rather than fuses. So the next time you are faced with a choice between a circuit breaker and a fuse, choose the latter as this will give you more benefits.

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