Risk Management: How To Keep Your Business Safe And Sound

Your assets include not only your office space, but the money you make, and the people that you employ. In order to keep all of this safe, you need to understand where and how you are vulnerable. Of course, no business can account for absolutely every eventuality, but you can certainly do your best to keep whatever is important safe and sound. No two businesses are the same, but here is a rough guide to some of the things that you should be considering.

Security Planning

You should be able to mobilise the workforce, in situations where there is an emergency, and they should know where to move to and gather. Security training should go ahead for many employees, including instructions on how to respond to a threat, whether that’s a threat of violence or other criminal acts. If all protocol is followed correctly, the workforce should remain safe, and any losses will hopefully be reclaimable, via the police force.

Risk Assessment

Your risk assessment looks at the nitty-gritty and ascertains what needs patching up security-wise and what has been overlooked. Be careful to assess what you truly need to protect your business, as equipment can often be expensive, but necessary, and you don’t want to get it wrong. It’s crucial to make sure that you meet with current legislative standards too, and that regulations are carefully considered, such as health and safety.


It may sound bizarre to mention housekeeping in a security article, but basic housekeeping can mean that your sensitive information stays safe. Paper, containing data and personal details, should be disposed of correctly. Shredders or incinerators work well, in this situation.


The more employees that you grant access to, the lower your security becomes. Make sure that you know exactly who has keys to the building, and if they become lost, be sure to change the locks on the building. Alarms are a great way to dissuade criminals, if they try to physically break into the building. Make sure that all windows are locked and that your doors are strong, to prevent break-ins.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV is really useful. You can see for yourself if there is a direct threat, rather than a false alarm. It can also provide crucial evidence to the court, should you suffer from a break-in. Almost more importantly, it acts as a deterrent for criminals, as they know they will be caught on film. You will need to consider the cost of this technology, however, as it can be expensive.


In this day and age, cybercrime is extremely common. With most money kept in digital banks, all it takes – for a hacker – is to break through your defences to reach the information they need to bring you down. The flimsier your defences, the easier it is for hackers to reach through internet-enabled hardware and steal whatever they like. Protect yourself with trustworthy Unified Threat Management from Dell – this software will safeguard you from a wide variety of threats, so it’s well-worth getting.

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