Simple Steps to Follow Before You Install R4 Cards

Since playing games is an ease, it is favourite to all. No matter how old you are or what you do, you can go gaga for playing games. If you are game lover, then having a Nintendo console device is quite obvious. The system having motion sensor, touch screen facilities, high definition picture quality, etc. make the users experience the best. However, without an r4 card, the system remains incomplete.

Yes, r4 cards are the perfect things to install in your device that provide storage capacity to it. Once you install this to the device, you can go for storing unlimited games up to 32 GB. However, you must know how to install this memory card in the device to enjoy all its facilities at the best.

  • First of all, you need to gather all your supplies. If your system does not have a slot to install the micro SD card, then you should go for using the USB adapter that comes with the pack of r4 cards.
  • Secondly, push the micro SD card into the USB adapter that you get with the r4 card and then put the USB adapter into any of the USB ports of your computer. Then, you must go to “my computer” and click on to the drive that says “Removable Disc”. This generally varies with each of the computers.
  • Go for taking out the disc that comes with the r4 card and load it into your computer. Then, go for copying the files from the disc and write it down on the micro SD card.
  • Next, take out the micro SD card when transferral of the files comes to an end. Once, the card is removed from the USB adapter, push it into the bottom of the r4.
  • You are quite closer to the end now. You must go for inserting the r4 into the DS now. If you have pushed the r4 properly, the DS should start showing the r4 screen.
  • Finally, you wait is over. You can use the r4 DS now to download games for your DS. You can even try for creating files on your computer which can then be uploaded to the DS by using the r4 or the SD card.

By following all these steps, you will be able to use the r4 cards properly. However, you must understand which cards to be installed in which system, like r4i cards can be installed into all the Nintendo console devices. Therefore, go and play games at best.

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