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outsourced sql server administrationHelp in SQL server and SQL data recovery cannot only come from SQL server experts or experienced IT people out there. It can be from those very precious tools that are too good to be true and be free.

Whether it is for the problem diagnosis or for the maintenance, several SQL tools can do the job for you and monitor your performance as well. Most of these tools are free and will be kicking off dust once you get started with it.

And there is like so many of them out there that SQL server enthusiast and experts can find it hard to choose their top five or ten. I my case, I will have here the five, I guess, most useful. And they proved really useful. Here they are.

Sp_Blitz. This one is a pretty much very useful tool. It’s like a fast evaluator that can bring you your assessment and summarize your performance issues plus your security information. The result it will bring back to you will have a consolidated look wherein each were described simply and with list that ahs the most prioritized item in the top.

Plan Explorer. This will help you if you are trying to look at your execution plans. These will get you visual and help you in the process efficiently. You will get your metrics easy and without much clutter. So this tool here gets thumbs up from its usability and efficiency.

Central Management Server. For some these might be at their bottom ten, but this gets thumbs up for me. These will help you too if ever you find it hard to manage large number of SQL. IT really will make your job easy if you are managing multiple servers and give you the change to manage everything through a center and help you run multiple queries from the same reference.

Index Defrag Script v4.1. This has been a personal choice too after knowing all other Index defrag script. This I had taken for a tip from some online SQL experts and I immediately dropped my current index defrag. These will help you through index maintenance and will make life, again, easier.

Sp_Wholsactive. So this will bring you your most current happening in your SQL. This tool can diagnose your SQL and bring back relevant information to you. This will help in knowing any problems in the production and decide what will be the solution to it.

So I tried listing only five because everything won’t fit in this article. Anyway, for your own, you can try listing down too your most favorite SQL tools and try sharing it in the internet. Surely these tools had made our life easier and the SQL maintenance and processes bearable.

You can try more tools too such as Management Data Warehouse, sp_BlitzIndex, Compression Estimator and many more. These things can be free and one can have more from the SQL community. These, without much talk are fantastic and can be your saving grace out there.

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Jaimie Murray is an IT professional and is enthusiastically writing about outsourced sql server consulting and its benefits.

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