5 Fundamental Rules for Video Conversion Virgins

Video conversion is something that most people don’t know a lot about. It’s understandable. Conversion is a black art - something relegated to programmers and an IT department at large companies. But, what if you’re a small business owner or just a regular “Joe” who needs to convert a video into another file type? Fortunately, there’s an easy way to do it that won’t require outsourcing or hiring a professional. Familiarize Yourself With Some Basic Terms First things first. You have Read more [...]

Convert your videos on the fly with ffmpeg

Do you want to convert your videos on the fly with ffmpeg? If yes, then before telling you the way, it is important to understand as to what is ffmpeg. Ffmpeg is indeed a sophisticated video and audio convertor. It has various enhanced functions. From converting between arbitrary sample rates and resizing video on the fly with a high quality polyphase filter, it is able to the work to its sophistication. The design of the command line interface is such that it is intuitive and it can be understood Read more [...]

Top 5 educational apps for Android devices

Android has proved its worth in almost all the fields of real life. Being an open source platform, it provides every developer the chance to develop variety of apps. This is the strongest reason which keeps Android a step ahead of all its competitors. It is world known fact that children learn more from audio visuals than simple audio lectures. Keeping this in mind, here I am jotting down top 5 educational apps for Android devices which use this new concept of learning for increasing the overall Read more [...]

The Advantages of Professional Ecommerce Website Development

The image you portray online plays a massive part in creating the right impression, sealing the deal with customers and increasing sales. Increasing sales means you can potentially grow your business and head in the direction you visualised from the beginning. You can create a beautiful and effective website and wreak the benefits staying ahead of the competition. A functional, engaging, fresh and dynamic website can give your online business the appeal required to effectively run a business online Read more [...]

Creating Fantastic Flipbooks

Flipbooks have been used for many years to create animation by flipping through a series of images. This is in fact one of the earlier forms of animation as we know it today, where advances in technology have meant we can create computerized animations for an impressive life like effect. Nevertheless flipbooks can still be used creatively to display a certain scene or tell a story, where either hand written images can be used for that authentic feel, or in more recent times using video software. Read more [...]