A Detailed Discussion on the Exclusiveness of Android

It has been quite noticeable how Android has become one of the most popular technologies to be used in mobile phones in the recent times. More and more people these days prefer to choose Android phones. These are also known as smart phones. It is true that many new technologies have been brought in by the developers but none of them have been as popular among the mobile users as Android. The mobile phone users across the globe can meet almost all their requirements with the help of Android technology. Read more [...]

Grandpa Is a Foursquare Mayor

Modern technology and senior citizens often don't mix, as the elderly don't often understand how to use their smart phones, computers, and tablets. Just trying to learn new things can be hard enough, and keeping the memory of how to make a Skype call, send a Facebook message, or sign into a Twitter account can be a challenge for any senior citizen. However, the truth is that this cliché may soon be put to rest. While there will always be those that are resistant to the advance of technology, many Read more [...]