Social Media and Restaurants: A Very Good Mix

There has been so much talk recently about using social media to promote restaurants and watering holes in various metropolitan cities around the world. There have been discussions about how Pinterest is the next big thing, or that Facebook will completely change the landscape when it comes to selecting places where people can dine in. These discussions are just a small piece of the puzzle. Experts do not anticipate people giving up on Google or social networking sites to go back to phone books Read more [...]

A Review of Some Cool Computer Screen Protectors

A computer screen protector does exactly that, shield your computer from dirt, stains and damage. There are a lot of them available now, but trying to figure out what to use can be a lot harder if you don’t know a lot about the products. Given this fact it makes sense to read some computer screen protector reviews. WriteSHIELD Created by PPCTechs Brando WorkShop, it comes in two types: the standard and deluxe edition. The protector is very easy to install. All you need to do is align the screen Read more [...]