How does the addition of a Mantrap Enhance Security?

  Mantraps are a common physical security method implemented in facilities and buildings which are trying to restrict foot traffic to sensitive areas.  Data centers are no exception.  While adding a mantrap to a data center does provide benefits, there are also potential drawbacks to consider.  With the growing number of physical security strategies which have become standard, many people are wondering if mantraps should be considered a standard security measure as well.   What Is Read more [...]

Should Your Business Be Using Mobile Devices?

There is absolutely no doubt that communications have gone mobile. If you don't think that this is true, then you must not have noticed the millions of people who rely on their cell phones every single day.  For some people, it appears as if they were born with the device. It can be difficult to pry them out of their hands. Should businesses adopt some type of mobile plan? Yes they should. In fact, many businesses already have. Don't wait until it is too late. Make sure that your business is keeping Read more [...]

Is Social Media Bad for your Phone? [Infographic]

Most of us use social media on our phones these days and it certainly keeps us better connected, in fact the level of social contributions and activity has unsurprisingly increased exponentially since the widespread availability of 3G and 4G mobile internet. Nevertheless, we often ignore the realities of what this continual engagement means to our own health and the long term health of our phones. The phone specialists, LiGo Cordless Phones, have developed an infographic to find out the answer…   Key Read more [...]

Important tips to increase the battery life of iPhone

The iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best Smartphones in the market today. After all, that is why you bought one, right? It has a superb camera, different useful applications and its interface is so simple and easy to use that even children can use it. But, a few of iPhone users seem to be dissatisfied and unhappy because of the poor battery life of iPhone. You must have tried dimming your screen and turning off Wi-Fi. But still at the end of the day you find yourself with an almost-dead phone.   When Read more [...]