Key Questions to Consider before Choosing an Email Software

The newest trend on the Internet these days is email marketing and how businesses can use this to generate leads to their websites. Although bulk emailing is a tiresome process, it is one of the fastest and inexpensive ways of sending emails these days. While some businesses outsource their email marketing campaign, others tend to do it themselves. If you are wondering where to find the best bulk email sender that will allow you to send your newsletters from your personal computer, here are a few Read more [...]

SQL Tools Free Helps for the SQL Server

Help in SQL server and SQL data recovery cannot only come from SQL server experts or experienced IT people out there. It can be from those very precious tools that are too good to be true and be free. Whether it is for the problem diagnosis or for the maintenance, several SQL tools can do the job for you and monitor your performance as well. Most of these tools are free and will be kicking off dust once you get started with it. And there is like so many of them out there that SQL server enthusiast Read more [...]

Why Go For Green Servers ?

The world is going green.  With developments in technology and design we no longer have to worry about ‘green’ or ‘efficient’ being sub standard.  For instance, the electric car that had a range of approximately 7km - meaning you couldn’t even get to work on a whole charge, or a more environmentally friendly kettle that took 30 minutes to boil 500ml of water.  Nowadays, due to the push in reducing your carbon footprint by governments and organisations alike, we now have access to environmentally Read more [...]