How To Buy a Website Domain Name

Gone are the days when you could register the first domain name you thought of. The best domain names were scooped up years ago, many of them valued in the millions of dollars today. It’s even difficult to find a good domain using .net, .org and .info domain extensions. You can still find a good one for your website, but there is a process involved in identify what’s available and ideal for your niche/business and then balancing that with what you can afford. Step 1 – Keyword List Do you already Read more [...]

What You Need to Know to Install an ActiveX Control

Even though there are many kinds of ActiveX controls out there, learning how to install ActiveX is not that difficult. The following instructions show you how you can install it in Internet Explorer, as well as some facts about these devices. Step 1 Start by launching Internet Explorer and then going to the drop down menu called Tools. You will find this close to the top of the screen. Choose "Internet Options." Step 2 Choose the tab labeled "Security". Click the button "Custom Level". Step Read more [...]