The Cell Phone Industry Is Bending In a New Direction, But Is It A Smart One?

The cell phone in industry is at it again! They are now working on developing and promoting the newest trend of phone technology, bendable phones! That’s right, you can now bend the phones as a form of controlling these cellular devices!

It’s amazing when you consider how much has changed in less than two decades. First it was a flip phone, which evolved beyond the fat, archaic single bodied phones of the original cell phone generations. Next came the idea of a full keyboard, abandoning the generation of phones in which there was only a dial pad. Each upgraded generation of cell phones shrunk in weight, increased in screen size and now it seems that touch screens where you pinch, poke and swipe your screen is the norm for phones.

But is this new generation of bendy phones a good idea? Is it even practical?

For one, its innovative, and it follows the logic of what the trend has been when it comes to phones. It’s not too hard to see how you start at pushing buttons, to pinching, to now bending. The flexible plastic seems to be quite responsive and durable, despite being a bit odd to stomach at first:

But the question of practicality. If we honestly ask ourselves what the purpose of such an advancement in cell phone technology is, it becomes hard to answer why this evolution is needed.

Yes, the inner nerd inside of us, chocked full of nerd fantasies and science fiction universes in our heads is going to be ecstatic. But what practical purpose does this fulfill? The cold, hard truth is that it does not fulfill any real, tangible need. The durability of the flexible screen could probably be invested in the touch screen phones people are already using, and I believe people appreciate a bit of weight behind their phones so they can be careful not to drop or lose it. It seems like this trend of bending phones will be so lightweight and agreeable to its surroundings, that it may just bend its way to being lost!

Not to be a person to downplay the technology that comes out, but bendable phones will not be the radical change in technology that some may think it will be. The iPhone was a true innovative advancement. It changed the way that people thought of their device. The phone become something much more than just a phone, it became an all purpose device that has now almost become essential for the modern day tech-savvy and non tech-savvy individual alike.

These bendable phones are on the outskirts of the technology world. Its hard to see how or why the average user will be interested in using them and as a result of this the prices will probably be driven up beyond a reasonable amount. Even then, what real benefit can this phone offer that you can’t do faster on a touch screen?

It’s a nice try, but in the wrong direction, so don’t bend over backwards to get your hand on a bendable phone!

This is a guest-post by Ashley Williamson. Ashley is a part-time guest blogger currently writing for PSI Urethanes a company that offers custom cast urethane parts and products.


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