The Value of a Promotional Video

Promoting your company is an important job no matter how many times you’ve tried different marketing techniques in the past. Some get it right first time, every time, while others have to spend hundreds – even thousands – in search of perfection and the kind of campaign that makes the brand ignite.


The key is getting your campaign in front of the right, and most influential eyes. If you want to appeal to board members you need to do something highly professional that convinces them that your service stands out from all others in the market and could make a difference to their own business without it costing the Earth.


If you spend hundreds, even thousands, on your marketing campaign and you don’t get it in front of the right audience then it will fall flat – pure and simple. In the modern digital age there are a range of strategies that you can use but without a doubt video is still the most effective, especially with the influence that social media can have if it’s picked up by the right audience.


Video is one of the most widely shared forms of content on social media, along with images, and in the UK video production in Manchester in particular has been booming since the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube became vital parts of company marketing plans.


By creating a promotional video that showcases everything you have to offer, how you work, who you’ve worked with in the past (provided that you’re not under any non-disclosure agreements of course) and the methods you use to create the videos, you can show prospective clients just how great you are without it turning into just another sales pitch.


If your video is promotional, but appealing, people are more likely to share it on social media and that means that you have free marketing. When someone likes the post on Facebook or retweets it on Twitter, they’re giving your video – and brand – an endorsement and they then share it with every one of their friends and followers which has the potential to increase your reach dramatically into the right audience sector.


It is vital, however, that you show off your brand in the way you want to be seen. If you provide a professional service there is no point making a joke video because it can show off your brand in the wrong light. At the same time, you don’t want to come across as so professional that you can’t have fun. It’s a difficult area to get right and it’s unlikely that every single campaign will take off, especially in the early days.

However, with a promotional video available to show to those who are interested and an infinite number of people out there to potentially reach through social media you can find that spark to ignite the brand if you get it right making it worth the investment of both time and money into the video.

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