Top 5 educational apps for Android devices

Android has proved its worth in almost all the fields of real life. Being an open source platform, it provides every developer the chance to develop variety of apps. This is the strongest reason which keeps Android a step ahead of all its competitors.

It is world known fact that children learn more from audio visuals than simple audio lectures. Keeping this in mind, here I am jotting down top 5 educational apps for Android devices which use this new concept of learning for increasing the overall efficiency.



Top 5 Android educational apps

1. Celeste

It is a very unique and informational android app which gives information about astrological items. Just point your device camera towards sky and it will give you 3D projections of all the astrological items. It covers almost all the astronomy elements which include sun, moon, planets and other stones. Along with 3D projections of various elements, it also gives details about some unknown facts about all those elements.

2. Algebra Tutor

Algebra Tutor is a purely mathematical dedicated Android App which covers 35 mathematics practices. It covers every minor and major mathematic topic. It will help your kid to learn ABC of mathematics by following some simple tutorials. It is a fast app which performs all the operations in seconds. It is developed with a user friendly interface that displays the steps to solve each kind of mathematical operations. You can treat this app as your mathematics’ tutor (even you can replace your tutor).

3. CueBrain

It is one of the best Android language convert which will help you and your kid to learn multiple languages. It comes with multiple language vocabulary which are inter-convertible into each other. This help can also help you during your trips to foreign countries.

4. MapMaster

Want to learn geography in form of maps? If yes then here I have something special for you. MapMaster covers global maps with useful information about all important famous places. It is an award winning Android App which can really do wonders with your geographic skills.

5. Sight Read Music Quiz 4 Piano

It is a Piano learning Android App which comes with accurate stroke positions. It outputs in a very clear and accurate sound from all the strokes. Using this app you can learn piano to utmost level. It comes in form of a piano quiz where you have to identify the number of notes in 60 seconds. So it will make you familiar with all pianos keys and notes.

So these are the top 5 educational apps for Android gadgets. There are few other names like Wikipedia, Kindle etc which are also equal worthy like above mentioned apps. So please download your required favorite app today and start educating your kids with basics. If you want to give any kind of advices or have some other app names in your mind then please let us known through your comments (don’t spam please).

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