What Will You Improve In 2016?

Making improvements to how the next year will unfold is a mini project that many of us dive into when January 1st comes around. What is more difficult to figure out is what we can actually do in a short space of time to redirect our lives in a positive way.


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Here are a few quick ideas of things that can be done quickly to start turning things around now.

Take Better Notes

Note taking is great for either short bursts of creative inspiration or a longer form jotting down of ideas, quick lists, and quotes. Whilst sticky note apps can be useful, they can also clutter the home screen of an Android display or become tough to handle on iOS.

A better solution is SimpleNote which comes from the people behind WordPress, Automattic. The app lets the user create their own notes which can be ordered alphabetically or by last modified date and listed down the left side of the application. Whilst SimpleNote runs natively on mobile platforms and as a web app, there are Windows and Mac OS apps from third parties that can access the database and let the user update it using a larger keyboard and screen which is nice too. The apps are available for Android and iOS.

Pocket or Instapaper

Do you often see articles or blog posts that you wish you had time to read, but have no easy way to list them so they can be accessed later? Well you can become a more efficient consumer of web content by using Pocket or Instapaper which both allow the user to bookmark pages they find interesting. Many of the extras on the page are cut out which makes it easier to read offline without so many distractions.

The apps are also useful for readers with less than 20/20 vision who need to be able to alter the background and foreground colors to make them easier for them to read. The user doesn’t have full control of the color schemes, but they can pick between a few settings to see which one is clearer for them.

Improve Your Car

All types of vehicles get worn down with use. Dust, grime and corrosion affect the road-facing parts the most. One easy way to add more protection to your car is to use Plastidip which is an auto body solution that adds a protective coating when the part is either dipped into it or coated with it.

Go on a Streak!

Habit Streak is a great little app for Android where the user adds their list of daily activity goals and can check off each day when they remember the task and complete it. The idea is to string a series of days together where the task was carried out, creating a streak or chain of events, and then to continue whilst not breaking the chain.

What other things can you think to do that will improve your life in the coming year? Please add a comment below to share your plans with us.

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