Why Go For Green Servers ?

The world is going green.  With developments in technology and design we no longer have to worry about ‘green’ or ‘efficient’ being sub standard.  For instance, the electric car that had a range of approximately 7km – meaning you couldn’t even get to work on a whole charge, or a more environmentally friendly kettle that took 30 minutes to boil 500ml of water.  Nowadays, due to the push in reducing your carbon footprint by governments and organisations alike, we now have access to environmentally friendly electric supercars and high performance goods.

Many individuals feel a certain social pressure to ‘go green’.  In turn, this translates into the corporate world and where possible companies are expected to be as efficient as possible.  One of the biggest issues facing companies nowadays is the reliance on technology and the subsequent energy expenditure in running the web of interconnected machines that allow the company to function.  This web of machines eventually leads to the server room.  A room that not many think about when turning green – but if designed and built properly (along with the correct machinery) it can be made substantially more efficient.

At a first glance, a server room would appear to only require more efficient machines in order to be ‘greener’.  However, these machines (like a tv) generate considerable amounts of heat – and this is where the hidden cost of server rooms appears.  The amount of energy needed to run the air conditioning systems that are required to keep these machines cool can be substantial.  Therefore, having a room that is most efficient, both in organisation and in cooling is of the utmost importance both in expenditure and for the environment!

For companies to lower their carbon footprint there are other ways than insisting that employees share car journeys or use public transport!  The positioning of the server stacks, the distance between servers, the airflow and indeed the cooling vents themselves can all contribute to a more efficient environment.  It is possible to retain companies such as Comms Room Services to design and build a server room.  The cost of this expertise may well end up saving you even more money in the future due to more efficient design and build – along with professional expertise in this rather specific field.  If you do not opt for this sort of consultancy and building third party and are intent on completing the work yourself then it is important to source the most efficient cooling systems as it can be a pain (and expensive) to replace such systems if they are not correct.

Building a server room that can house all your technology safely and efficiently is of paramount importance.  Installing more efficient ‘greener’ equipment might mean a temporary hit to the funds but as sustainable plan and with ever increasing pressure on companies to be greener it is more and more becoming an issue for companies of various sizes.  Technology is often something that companies are hesitant to upgrade as it can often come with considerable cost, but as a mid term strategy the ROI is often fully justifiable especially if creating a more efficient environment for your servers will result in lower monthly overheads!  

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