Why Mobile is Becoming More Important

Mobile technology is by far the fastest growing technological medium in the world. Mobile usage is on the rise with no signs of slowing down. Everyone is connected these days and that means companies are shifting their focus to reach consumers through this constantly evolving medium.

Smartphone and Tablet Prevalence

There is a big change happening in the mobile market and it revolves around smartphones and tablets. These mobiles devices are becoming far more prevalent among the world’s population that ever before, which is making the technology second-nature to all users. Rapid technological advancement has led to mobile devices that can do basically anything the user wants whenever the user wants. According to Vertic, mobile device projects will usurp computer-centric projects 4-to-1 by the year 2015.

This means marketing plans must adapt, which has a large impact on the design world. Web developers will have to become very familiar with designing apps and web sites specifically for mobile devices.

A Multitude of Apps

These days, it is nearly impossible to find a service without a corresponding app. Want to shop? Check the weather? Deposit a check? There’s an app for that. Internet is nearly becoming a moot point with mobile devices, as apps have been created to increase functionality and ease-of-use while embodying the same features and functions of their website counterparts. A Pew Research Center study shows as of September 2012, 45% of American adults have a smartphone. Gone are the days of waiting in line at the bank or waiting for the local weather radar.

Not only are apps for services increasingly popular, games and social networking apps keep people entertained and connected on a daily basis. Mobile technology

Internet Browsing

Remember when everyone thought the Internet was a fad? The interest is now the most crucial element of all modern technology. Now the newest mobile devices are expected to come with some sort of browser or search engine integrated into the software. Mobile browsing has changed the appearance and function of the internet, as it is now available through nearly every mobile medium available to the public. Web design has grown to accommodate the fast, on-the-go computing style of mobile devices, and each major company has a hand in developing their contributions. Apple has Safari. Android has Google. Users are happy.

Because this software has become part of the norm, consumers seek mobile devices and providers with their basic needs in mind. For instance smartphones give consumers full Internet capability, allowing users quick access to whatever information they are searching for.


People love mobile devices because they are so portable. They can walk down the sidewalk and find out how long the Great Wall of China is – just because. Instant satisfaction can be attained while on-the-go and being away from internet-based hub is no longer a concern. Mobile technology allows for a person to be in touch with friends, entertainment, breaking news and, enjoy other unlimited possibilities at the press of a non-existent, touchscreen button. Quick and easy access to unlimited information at any place, any time is a large draw of mobile devices.

In fact, that accessibility is becoming a necessity. The mobility of a device is an important factor and can make or break the purchase of a new tech device. Portability of the physical mobile device and consequently portability of information has turned these devices into extensions of the human form, leaving people feeling naked when they forget their devices at home.

Age of Technology

Wasn’t the Y2K scare silly? The 21st century ushered in a bright new era of technology that has people more connected than ever. Contact between people that are on complete opposite sides of the planet has become instantaneous, which provides smartphone users with valuable technology that reaches far beyond any preconceived expectations of the technology. It is rare to meet someone without a cell phone. It seems even rarer to meet someone without a smartphone or tablet. They have become the most essential form of personal technology and continue to rise as the single most important piece of technology of the 21st century.

People are accustomed to wanting information and getting it immediately. With two/thirds of people wanting a site to load in less than four seconds, technology is working successfully to keep up with this demand, and for good reason. According to Borrell Associates, 70% of mobile searches result in action within one hour.

People expect more out of their mobile devices than ever before. While desktop PCs, all in ones are still widely used, mobile is definitely the new black.

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